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Obedience & Behavior Classes with Tenderfoot Training

We invite you to join us for private, customized lessons at our home in the foothills outside of Boulder, Colorado. Many people enjoy visiting our little haven in the woods, enriching their dog’s socialization in a safe environment among our dogs, cats, birds and horses. We are also totally happy to come to you as well, and as we progress through the levels of training we can also meet you in town or at parks to create real life situations as proof of your dog’s skills.

The first private session is two hours and we want everyone who is involved in your dog's life to attend. We will spend time talking about our philosophy and then working on drills & skills. Clients often share that they learn more in the first 2-hour session than they ever achieved in other training courses that lasted weeks or even months.  We want you to come away with every piece of the puzzle so that you don’t need trainers anymore- you have the answers ready at hand.

We do not make you sign up for multiple sessions – it is come and go as you please. Many people get everything they need from the first 2-hour session alone; it makes sense, they apply the drills and everything changes just as they hoped.   Others prefer to spend more time learning from us and return to practice with their dog as they move together towards higher levels of understanding and skill. It is all about you, your dog and your needs.

There are some advantages to coming here, though we are happy to come to you (we do charge for travel time outside of Boulder).  The advantages to coming to us are that we can often get a better idea of your dog's true temperament when they aren't on their own turf, we are set up for our needs in training and when you are ready for distractions we have plenty here.  When you are ready for a class environment we have 6 dogs we can bring out to create a class with well mannered dogs.  However, if you want us to come to you for the first session: we need a carpeted area approx. 10 X 10 feet to work and an area for the family to sit and listen, watch, and then participate in the drills.

We offer free phone consultations and are pleased to help seven days a week 9am-9pm. We also offer group clinics at various locations on a monthly basis– click on the Events page for a listing of upcoming events..

Please call us for an appointment and get started on a wonderful new path to a better relationship with your four-legged friend. Click here to contact us for more information on our dog training and obedience classes throughout the city of Boulder.

*If you are interested in hosting a clinic please call us to discuss the details. We would love to reach as many people as we can and teach everyone how to be better leaders to their canine companions.

Check out the Events page for the next clinic being offered in your area.

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“I would like to thank you for providing such an incredible service to all dog caregivers.  Your training program is far and away the best I have ever been exposed to.  …I have seen a huge difference in the calmness and comfortableness of all of our clients’ dogs.  … I wish every dog person could take your classes.”

~M. Taluba, Simba Ranch Dog Camp, Rollinsville, CO




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