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dog and people

“Whiskey was a rock star!!!  He did so well!!  I worked the drills Saturday and Sunday and today and he's doing great!  On Sunday we had a breakthrough moment!  2 actually!  Once we walked by a dog that was laying down and looking the other way (he was about 15 feet on the other side of me from Whiskey - which before still would have triggered a freak out).  And not only did Whiskey not get all head-down, ears-up, and forward, he just casually SNIFFED in the direction of the dog and moved on with me!!!!!!!  A normal dog response!!!  I almost cried (again)!  Then, right after that, we walked between 2 pitbulls pulling on their leashes trying to come at him on one side, and a screaming baby in a stroller on the other side and he barely flinched!  So cool!   Thank you so much for the help and hope!!!  Talk to you soon! “
~Anne W. – Denver, CO


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