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Great Results, Naturally.

Tenderfoot Training encourages responsible animal parenting healthy socialization, humane use of training tools, natural nutrition, and sensitivity to the animal heart, mind, and body.

We have worked with animals all of our lives and are thrilled to share our knowledge and understanding of dogs with their people. With 30 years of experience our methods are tried and true. We attribute this to good socialization, fair and consistent training and lots of love.

Teaching people about living with their dogs helps us feel that our time is well spent, because we were getting frustrated seeing so many dogs with bad manners, and watching people using hopeless methods to try to correct them.

Helping people learn how to raise well-mannered companions who will share a life time of happiness together is the best job in the world.  It is our pleasure to help dog lovers reach a new level of communication and connection to their beloved animal.

Be aware that while some problems will cure themselves quickly, others will take time and
dedication to heal. This is a process for both you and your dog, if you are patient with him,
he will reward you with a lifetime of love, devotion and good manners beyond your expectations.

Let’s work together to make dog’s lives a paradise, and their human’s lives sheer heaven. Our private dog training and obedience courses are meant for the long term development of your dog.

Love them & Lead them,
Doug & Elizabeth

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